Our Story

About Godtliv

Godtliv brings together the worlds of wellness and design to create products and experiences that engage the senses, ignite the spirit, and soothe the soul. Founded by Anastasia Calhoun, Godtlivmeaning “good life”—is inspired by the principles of Danish design and embraces simplicity, functionality, a celebration of natural materials, and a deep respect for craftsmanship. All of our products are ethically produced, and we are constantly striving to improve the sustainability of our products, packaging, and processes. We believe that by slowing down and taking time to connect with ourselves and loved ones, we can build a good life and a better world.


About Anastasia

Anastasia has had a lifelong interest in wellness and the creative arts. She began practicing yoga with her grandmother at age three, and developed her yoga practice as well as Zen Buddhist practice as a young adult. Endlessly curious, she is a a linguist, writer, researcher, designer and maker. She has worked in the fields of both medicine and design, focusing her studies on the impact our environments have on our bodies and minds. Godtliv is the next evolution in her exploration of the mind-body connection.